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Vertebrates and invertebrates animals

      Animals with an internal skeleton or endoskeleton. It can be bone or cartilage.

      Animals without internal skeleton, but may have an external skeleton or exoskeleton.

Vertebrates and invertebrates

To facilitate the study of the animal kingdom, are usually divided into two groups: the vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are our closest relatives, all animals with a backbone. Invertebrates are all other animals.

The group of invertebrate species includes many more than the vertebrates, and is formed by numerous groups of animals very different. The fact pay much attention to a relatively small group of animals, such as vertebrates, is because it is the group we belong to humans and animals including very important to us, as pets or most of those of which we eat as well as larger and more colorful.

Vertebrate and invertebrate animals

Classify animals into vertebrates and invertebrates, depending on whether or not a skeleton, with a backbone.

     Vertebrates: Those animals that have backbones and a skeleton made of bones. Vertebrate animals can be classified into five groups: mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Vertebrate animals are the kangaroo, the chameleon, snake, seal, frog, penguin, ...
     Invertebrates: Those animals that have no backbone and a skeleton made of bones. Invertebrate animals are the spider, clams, worms, octopus, conch, crab, ...